Week 1 | Rebecca

Hi all!
Well, the moment I had been preparing for for the past 8 months finally came and last week I got on a plane to San Francisco! The amazing fellowship director Keturah picked me up at the airport and delivered me to the house I’ll be sharing with 2 of the 3 other fellows for this season. It’s a beautiful house located only a few minutes walk from the office. The office is located here in El Granada, a beautiful harbour town about 40 minutes south of San Francisco. I’m looking forward to exploring all the walking paths and spending some time on the beach.
The Not For Sale Campaign Fellowship Program began it style, with a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods, a breathtakingly beautiful forest of Redwoods, north of the city. This was followed by a fabulous lunch and then a time on the beach getting to know one another. The other Fellows in this program come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and I’m really looking forward to getting to hear their stories and see how their experiences contribute to the campaign.
Day two was our introduction to the Freedom Store that we will have a hand in running. The store sells goods from across the world, made by people who have been rescued from modern day slavery. It’s so exciting to see these products that literally represent freedom and a new chance at life for these people who were once captives.
We also had the chance to hear from Mark Wexler, the Executive Director and co founder of NFSC. It was so inspiring to hear how the movement started and what drives those involved. To hear how the movement has grown and the incredible things they have been involved with makes me feel so blessed to be a part of it all. I’m humbled to think that I get to be here and
learn and contribute to all that is happening!
Talk again soon,

One response to “Week 1 | Rebecca

  1. Good to be able to read about what you are up to. I was very interested to hear about the shop which sells good produced by people who have been freed from slavery. The jewellery which we import from Bangkok is made by ladies, some of whom have been trafficked, so might be eligible to be sold in that shop. If you are interested I can give you details about how you can source it.
    God bless you as you embark on this valuable work.

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