Rebecca Lowe | Week 2


Well I can’t believe another week has gone! This week has been intense, with so much information to absorb and lots of people to meet! Most of the staff were in town for a few days and it was great to get to know them a little better and get a clearer understanding of what each of them do and how it all fits into the bigger picture of what NFSC is about. It is so inspiring to hear stories about how NFSC has grown since it started, and how it is being used to effect real change across the globe.

This week started with the arrival of the incredible Kevin Austin, NFSC’s DIrector of the Abolitionist Faith community. His arrival was exciting for me as I’ll be working with him preparing for Freedom Sunday, 2011. (You can learn more about that here) It was so nice to hang out with him and get to hear his heart for seeing the faith community united behind the abolition of Modern Day Slavery. I was so impressed with his emphasis on inclusivity, and his belief that the human trafficking os something that all faiths can be united against. In a world that is so easily divided, it is great to have something that can bring us together. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish in this next season!

We had the opportunity to hear once again from Mark as he shared a little more about the journey NFSC has taken to this point and how it continues to develop. We also had the chance to hear from Kilian about Free2Work and the Advocacy work NFSC is involved in. Christina gave us a great overview of the international projects where NFSC partners with local organisations involved in stopping trafficking in their communities. Imelda talks with us about the exciting work happening within the U.S. in the different states and Regions where NFSC is active. Nathan talked about how social media is being utilized as a platform to spread the message of NFSC and to help engage people in a response to the issue of trafficking and Laura helped guide us through the day to day operations that make NFSC able to function more effectively!

When training with the various staff was done (for now at least) it was time to get to work and the four of us hit the ground running! There is so much to do and it really is a matter of getting things prioritized, but also being flexible and adaptable as things arise.  I think it will take me a little bit of time to figure out the most important thing to be doing at any one time  but I’m sure that as I become more familiar with what’s happening, that will be easier.

Next week we will be attending the Investigator Academy (see here) and I’m so very excited! I’ve heard nothing but great things about these academies and I’m absolutely certain that this experience will be key for my future work as an abolitionist.

I look forward to updating you all next week on how the first week goes!

Until next time!



One response to “Rebecca Lowe | Week 2

  1. Such a great blog ( almost no spelling mistakes, too!)……nice to see you are REALLY there ( thought it might all be an illusion, and you could be back in barcelona or Paris) All sounds exciting, and hard work, and life-enriching, and deeply meaningful…….how great to be ‘living on purpose’ ! x

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