Sarah Davis| Week 2

Today (Friday) marks the end of our first full week as NFS fellows. Needless to say, I have quickly learned I will not be short on tasks. After a few more days of orientation, Wednesday was our first day on the job. Prior to beginning that day in the office, we discussed what platforms within the movement were particularly interesting to us. For myself, this consisted of International Projects, Advocacy work, and helping with Freedom Sunday tasks. Here is a general sense of what this means:

-I sit in front of my computer. A lot. But I do so with the mindset that every task I do will have some sort of ripple effect to help save someone from slavery somewhere. At times this is difficult to remember, but I see it as a healthy mindset that I am trying to maintain.

-I spent the last few days helping create a template for donor sheets we will be sending out about the different regions where we support our International Projects. Having lived in Thailand, I thought it was only natural that I work specifically on this particular donor sheet. Other fellows are also working on similar ones for Peru and Uganda.

-Today (Friday) consisted of working out the kinks and details for Soulfest happening in August. This ranged from finding ponchos if it rains to the specific lanyards wanted for VIP tags. Cleaning the office was also included in there. Like I said, every task helping out the overall movement in some way!

Next week will begin our first Academy (Investigator) in San Francisco. I have heard about these sessions for some time now and am anxious to see what wealth of information I will be able to take from it.

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks so much for your continual support both financially and prayerfully!



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