Sarah | Week 6

While my fellow fellows were off to the muggy, hot land of New Hampshire, I held down the house and office in cold, foggy Half Moon Bay. Needless to say, it was somewhat quieter this week around town, but in no way did that mean I was lacking in tasks to accomplish.

The first half of this week consisted of me editing more documents and beginning a giant contact database for Global Forum. This might seem tedious (probably because it is) but I enjoyed thinking about how many of these people might receive an email and then want to attend. In order to spread the word about Not For Sale, someone has to take the first step in reaching out to contact them. I liked thinking, in this instance, I was that person.

Tuesday night I also had the chance to go with what was left of the staff on the west coast to the Batstone house for dinner. It was a great community time and I was thankful for the opportunity to get to know the staff outside of the office.

Since we had to read Three Cups of Tea by next week and I did not have the excuse of hanging out at a concert for four days, I decided to read it this week whenever I had the chance. Thankfully, I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time and read it voraciously through during my Freedom Store shifts. That image, me sitting in a chair in the Freedom Store for three days, is pretty much an accurate portrayal of the later part of my week.

Working the Freedom Store during the week I had the opportunity to visit with people coming in and conversing about modern day slavery. I would suggest if anyone is in the Half Moon Bay area to come by and check it out!

Looking forward to having the rest of my house back home tonight!

Take care,


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