Benita Hopkins| Week 6


What can I say?!!!! The last two weeks have been INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

We left for SOULFEST last Monday night for Washington, D. C.  We were all excited to see what the week would entail for us in sunny New Hampshire.  It was a long, somewhat exhausting journey, but exciting all the more.  The three of us who were travelling together really got to know each other a little better.  We finally arrived at our cottage in the late night hour the next evening.

Our days were long, hot and fun!  Every 12- 14 hr. day was a great adventure of work, music, orange everything, excellent bands and many great people. I will never forget these four days.  We met many of the other state directors and volunteers of the movement.  Great people!

As we leave at the end of the festival, we went on a sight-seeing adventure down the east coast – Boston, Rhode Island, New York, Wash., D.C. and Virginia to surprise my mom for an early 80th birthday celebration.  Great times!!!

Now we’re back to the office in full work mode being sure to meet the deadlines placed before us.  And, they are piling up so I will end this blog to continue working.

Please don’t forget you may at any time donate to the cause in my name at:  This really helps me meet my support for the month.

Thanking you in advance,

Benita Hopkins,
Not For Sale Campaign Fellow


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