Sarah Davis | Week 7

With the return of the rest of my house and the Fellows, things slowly began returning back to normal here in Half Moon Bay. Since Wednesday was the first day back on the job for almost everyone, the day was a “work from home” day. I was kept busy by the ongoing projects I have been assigned, from administrative to donor packets for our International Projects.

Thursday became my Global Forum day. We all met with Kilian individually to go over our questions for our respective panels. In addition to some great feedback, I spent most of my time looking up resources for panelists to peruse and grasp a better understanding of the panel’s direction. It has been a great opportunity to be able to become an expert in specific aspects of this year’s Global Forum and know we have an active role in its preparation and execution.

Friday was another busy day for me in that I had many “meetings” alloted in my schedule, always a good feeling for an organized person like myself. I was introduced to the world of Twitter on Friday, or at least social networking outside the realm of Facebook and email. I can definitely see the merit of a movement like Not For Sale utilizing this tool and hopefully placing me with this 21st century communication device won’t prove to be harmful (I’m still a learner when it comes to social networking even though I have been told it should come naturally to my generation).

The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing “Three Cups of Tea,” doing inventory and manning the Freedom Store. Please do not mistake my listing the rest of the day off in such a laundry-list fashion as my being bored by the day. On the contrary, I loved working with the rest of the Fellows as we figured out an efficient system for a speedy inventory and am always down for discussing books, especially when it is such a great book like “Three Cups of Tea” (if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it)!

Until next week,



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