Benita Hopkins | Week 8

This week we’ve been working feverishly on Freedom Sunday initiatives primarily.

Many of you will get a separate mail from me in regards to Freedom Sunday.  Please forward it to the leaders in your faith community, if you don’t happen to be that person.  No matter what faith community you belong.  We are believing for 100,000 participants this year.  Modern- Day slavery touches all communities, not just one!

On that note, I think Jordin Sparks and Natalie Grant say it best,

”Every life has a choice To rise above To fill the void

Every heart has a mission And we are called to be human

We gotta do better than this

Cause we’ve only got one life to make a difference

We gotta do better than this

Cause we’ve only got one life that we’ve been given

A little love, a little kindness, A little light in this time of darkness

It’ll be what makes us different

I’ll be what makes us human”

Please don’t forget you may at any time donate to the cause in my name at:  This really helps me meet my support for the month.  I will do it for you, if you can’t.  I will “live to carry HIS compassion, to love a world that’s broken to be HIS hands and feet.  I will give with a life that I’ve been given; go beyond religion to see the world be changed by the power of HIS name.”  I sincerely render a hearty thank you to all (you know who you are) who have helped me in this endeavor thus far.  I continue to solicit the prayers of all.  Please know we are making a difference to fight slavery in our lifetimes.

Also, gear up for the Global Forum on Human Trafficking coming up in October.  I went last year and it was there that my heart was pierced for the cause all the more and here I am today.  The story is still being written.

I love and appreciate each of you dearly.



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