Sarah Davis | Week 8

Another week has come and gone here in Half Moon Bay and it still surprises me how fast this is all going!

This week we focused primarily on connecting with our respected faith communities about Freedom Sunday happening on March 11, 2011. While being from a background of faith is not required to be a Fellow, the four of us all happen to have many church connections from our homes. We spent the better part of the last five days trying to get ahold of them and let them know what Freedom Sunday is and to sign up! In addition to this bottom-up approach, we also have a growing database of major denominations in the US (and eventually globally) to contact directly and have them, in turn, connect with their congregations. Hopefully by networking from different approaches, we will be able to incorporate more churches into Freedom Sunday (and also a Freedom Shabbat!).

I quickly learned to appreciate churches who placed their emails on their websites (and did not ask me to contact them first) as I slowly compiled connections from my hometown and the city where I went to college. It can be discouraging, at times, to see the hours pass and still only have collected 10 more churches, but it is a process I know that must be done. Hopefully from this work more networking can be seen among churches and future alerts about forthcoming Freedom Sundays will be easier to collect and send out.

When I had reached my quota of work on Freedom Sunday, I spent my time responding to emails from the Free 2 Work and goabroad accounts and working on additional projects for these two platforms. Since I enjoy learning more information about a topic, having to read articles and blogs about forced labor, searching for potential ones to post for Free 2 Work, has been interesting.

Of course, one of the great highlights this week was the 1.5 days of glorious sun that peeked its way through the Half Moon Bay clouds. It was fun seeing all our neighbors outdoors, completing all their tasks they would rather do in the sunlight. However, by Thursday morning, we were back to a light mist rain in the morning. Hope you all (well, those in the Western hemisphere) are enjoying your final days of sunlight and summer!



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