Week 8 | Rebecca

Hi All,

As I sit and write this I’m distracted by the political situation in my own country. Australiaheld it’s Federal Election a few days ago and I still don’t know who will be the next PrimeMinister. It’s been really interesting for me to be so far away throughout this process. I feelsomewhat detached from it all, and yet this election has captured my attention more thanmost and I’m anxious to see how it is all resolved.

The week has been a week of ‘getting things done’ here at NFSC. For the most part, thefellows focused on the Abolitionist Faith Community. We’ve all be hard at work, contactingall of our own personal contacts within the faith community and inviting them to be part ofFreedom Sunday. I sent out over 160 emails to friends around the world, and I know theothers have been hard at work covering their own areas too. We have also been hard atwork this week tracking down the contact information for all of the different denominationswithin America. I was really surprised to see just how many different denominations thereare (over 36,000) and wonder if all of those divisions are really necessary. It makes meeven more thankful that there is something like the Abolitionist Faith Community whichseeks to focus not on our points of difference, but rather on how we can unite to standtogether to fight slavery.
This week was a lot of time spent sitting in front of a computer and could be viewed by some as somewhat mundane, but this is the reality of the work involved in Not For Sale Campaign. It was so good in the first few weeks to gain the larger ’10,000 foot’perspective, so see why spending so much time in from of a computer really matters. If Ifind myself getting disheartened or wondering if was I’m doing is worth it, it’s very easy to remind myself why what I’m doing matters.
As part of our Fellowship program we have been reading some specially chosen booksand discussing them as a group, looking at how they relate to us personally, but also howthe related to the Modern Day Abolitionist Movement. So far we have looked at TippingPoint by Malcolm Gladwell and then we read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensonand David Relin. Both book were completely different, but both very inspirational and Ihighly recommend them. Currently we are reading The Irresistible Revolution by ShaneClaibourne. I’m loving it so far and it’s making me think about what it really means to liveout an authentic Christian faith. I look forward to exploring the book some more this week!
I hope you all have a great week! We have the amazing Keturah Scott back from Her well deserved vacation tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it! She brings such life and enthusiasm to the campaign and I feel blessed to know her!

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2 responses to “Week 8 | Rebecca

  1. Great blog, as always ! Just finished reading 3 cups of Tea ( again ) You’re right, it’s amazing. And unforgettable. You’re doing an incredible job in an incredible place with incredible people….keep on keeping on!
    Nearly 2 weeks til election results official, so don’t be distracted from the cutting edge job you’re doing ! Carpe diem ( and nocte, too )

  2. You’ll find Shane Cliabourne very inspiring!

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