Week 9 | Sarah

My last full week of working in August began with finishing up Freedom Sunday tasks.Not wanting to inundate myself, I had researched and found contact information forapproximately 50 churches in the Sacramento area. This week I completed looking upcontact information for churches in the Santa Barbara area and proceeded to mail outan email explaining Freedom Sunday and attaching more information. Be sure to signup you place of worship for Freedom Sunday on March 11, 2011! We as fellows canmake a slight dent in contacting churches, but it takes individuals who are passionateabout ending slavery who will take the idea of something like Freedom Sunday in yourcongregation and turn it into a reality!

Having found my limits last week with how much I can take of Freedom Sundaytasks, this week I tried spreading it out among other projects I had been assigned.This included editing a pre-departure packet to Thailand for Academy graduates whowish to pursue slavery mapping opportunities in the northern region of the country. Ihad the ill fortune of accidently losing most of my work a few hours into editing, but,I just sighed, tried to recall what I could, and proceeded to make it better than it wasbefore. In those situations, I figure my energy is better suited directed toward makingthe document rather than complaining about it….but I still complained inwardly (I am human).

Later in the week, I received some new projects for Freedom Sunday, ones thatplay to my strengths as being a recent graduate (ie lots of more research on fun,challenging topics). Whenever I have the moment, I have been working on someadditional International Project background research which has been a greatway to better understand the actions of Not For Sale on an international level.

As crazy as it seems to imagine, August is coming to a close and our third month of theFellowship program is about to begin! Thank you so much for all your continual supportboth emotionally and financially!


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One response to “Week 9 | Sarah

  1. Hi Sarah, I loved reading your blog as always. Was especially impressed the way you handled the loss of your work online, i.e., ” figure my energy is better suited directed toward making the document better rather than complaining about it” Right on – a good reminder for all computer users. Heard you had a fun Labor Day celebration. All is well here. LUV

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