Benita Hopkins | Week 10


Hello All,

This past week was very insightful!  It opened my eyes to where I was, what I am doing and who I’m doing it with.  When I say doing it, I really mean doing it!  This week was a Not For Sale Campaign Team Summit that we fellows were privileged to be able to sit in on part of.  The non-local national staff came into town.  This was a time to follow-up on tasks, get a clearer understanding of things and really dig in and really grab hold of the vision even more.  That’s me, for sure!  Such a privilege.

My passion continues to grow for the cause and I really want to do “my part” even more now.  In my mind’s eye, I see little vignettes of life without slavery or the word only a part of our vocabulary not a reality.  I see teachers making sure students are aware of the subject and how in the year 2011, modern-day slavery was abolished right before our eyes.  And we get to tell our future grandchildren that we fought hard to fight it and remember the day slavery was NO MORE!

I’ve been working on getting the word out to the schools and churches in my area via the classroom and other activities.   Everywhere I turn this subject matter is before me.  I can’t wait for the day it will be behind me!  That day will come!

Don’t forget the Global Forum is coming up in Yorba Linda, CA.  If you’re in that area feel free to join us.  Go to the www.globalforumonhumantrafficking.organd register.  Next time I should know if I will be hosting a special guest at my church in October, as well.  More news to come about that.

Any thoughts or ideas?  If so, respond to this blog and let me know.  And as usual, if you’d like to support me and the campaign, log onto my page and do that.  Every little bit helps.  No gift is too small.

Many blessings being sent your way,


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