Keturah Scott | Fellowship Director

I can’t believe that we are almost at our half-way point in this fellowship session!

Once again, I  want to reiterate a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU! to the 2010 Fellows. They are an amazing group of dedicated and passionate individuals who are integral to the NFSC, and to the modern-day abolitionist movement.

The variety of projects and tasks that they have taken on is just astounding.

Benita is paving the way for educating and engaging children and youth. Through her own initiative, she is creating new programs that will reach elementary, junior high, and high-school aged youth. Benita is a prime example of a smart activist using innovative solutions to re-abolish slavery!

Davy has been preparing to launch an anti-human trafficking project in Brazil, in partnership with Not for Sale. As the 2014 World Cup will be in Brazil, he is strategically organizing a team NOW that will impact thousands of lives.

Sarah is one of the unsung heroes who does all the behind the scenes work to make a project work. She does the research, editing, formatting into spreadsheets, creating information packets, etc. Without these, we would all be lost. Her humility and generosity (volunteering for all different kinds of fun projects such as the Sacramento Walk Against Slavery, Store Supervisor, etc) are an incredible help to the efficiency and success of the campaign. That she does all of this with a huge smile on her face is a testament to her strength of character.

Rebecca has taken the lead on Freedom Sunday, working closely with Kevin Austin to recruit and equip tens of thousands of faith groups worldwide.  I have to physically force Rebecca to stop working, as she is so dedicated! She is also assisting with special events, and is researching and providing resources from an Australian background. Her delicious baked goods provide sustenance and joy for all the staff members

The fellows do everything from international project assistance to preparing for local and international events, researching content for presentations, handling logistics, daily administrative tasks, faith community outreach, and running the Freedom Store. I cannot emphasize enough what an integral part they are to the campaign and the movement. We are so grateful that they are here. Their ongoing work, support, enthusiasm, passion, persistence, joy and dedication are felt by appreciated by all.

Thank you Rebecca, Benita, Sarah, and Davy!


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