Benita Hopkins | Week 11


We’ve just celebrated Labor Day, here in the U.S.  This holiday became reality when our 22nd and 24th President Grover Cleveland put reconciliation with the labor movement as a top political priority during the Pullman Strike in 1894.  The Pullman Strike was between the Labor unions and the workers.  I wish freedom for all peoples of the world was a political priority today, especially the children.  I’ll keep doing my part to help in that regard.

For many, these economic times are hard.  Not having a job due to the economy, is one thing.  But, to have a job that was promised to you turn out to be a totally different job and much less pay, is another.  That’s the labor story of many trafficked victims.  My labor story of this short week?   I’ve enjoyed updating our Slavery Map database, finalizing the Australian online course recording, working on advertising an upcoming event  with Kru Nam, and instituting a Change and Chocolate Drive for local schools.  I worked on my testimony to highlight what Not For Sale Campaign means to me.  I stated, This has been an adventure that I would not trade for the world.  The wealth of “smart activism” around me is incredible!  I can use many of these ideas and innovations in many facets of my life.” My labor will be used in this way to help abolish slavery in my lifetime.

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One response to “Benita Hopkins | Week 11

  1. I loved reading your testimony and think you should upload it on here!

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