Benita Hopkins | Week 12


What a fabulous week!  We witnessed yet another super Not For Sale Campaign sponsored event.  The location was the San Francisco Chronicle Building at the “The Hub”.  The night was Tuesday, September 14th from 7-9 p.m.  The special guest panelist for the discussion was Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter.  Though I’m not a “tweeter”, I gained a whole better understanding and respect for this recent phenomenon and the man Jack Dorsey, himself.  He had a global mind-set, originally, in this regard.  He wanted to give the vulnerable people of the world an avenue to be heard.  Maybe if they are heard, they won’t be ignored and mistreated, as much. Hats off to Rebecca, for spear-heading such a popular event!

My major projects of the week were to finish up the Agent of Change Drive to go with the Educational Curriculum and continue to help with the Kru Nam events in Northern California. If you are in Northern Cal., come out to hear about our Thailand Project on Wed., 10/6 at Mid-Peninsula Vineyard Church @ 7 p.m. or Thurs., 10/7 at USF’s Fromm Hall @ 5:45 p.m. Both of these projects have been a lot of fun to prepare for.

The push for Global forum is quickly approaching!  With the pre-forum at the Hub out of the way, we are focusing on a magnificent Global Forum on Human Trafficking to be held in Yorba Linda, CA  mid-October. Every detail has to be fine-lined and tuned.  Everyone is busy with the task at hand and doing a fine job at that. If the global forum is foreign to you, go to for more information.  I went last year and it was there that my life was changed forever by this disease.  The wealth of information I’d gained, i didn’t want it to just sit idly by.  I wanted to take action somehow.  I was learning how, I just needed to figure out what I wanted to do about it.  Hear I am and this is only the beginning for me.  I can tell you now, a month in advance, that Global Forum will definitely be my highlight of next month!

Talk to ya next week,



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