Rebecca Lowe | Week 13

Blog Week 13

I’m writing this blog a little early this week as first thing tomorrow morning I get on a plane to Peru and I’m not sure when I’ll next have internet access. I’m both excited and nervous about the trip. I’m really not sure what to expect which I guess is half the fun of an adventure, but the control freak in me struggling with it a little bit! Not speaking Spanish should make things interesting too. Thankfully David knows a little, so we should get through O.K. I’m really excited to see the kids at Generaćion and get to see the work that Lucy and her team does.

I’m feeling incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to see some of the work that Not For Sale does, right in the midst of things. I imagine it will be an amazing and impacting experience and I look forward to learning all this adventure has to teach me!

As incredible as this trip is going to be, I feel strange leaving NFSC at such a significant time in the Global Forum preparation. Laura is doing the most incredible job of keeping track of everything and making sure everyone is on schedule. It’s strange to think that when I get back from Peru, we’ll only have a week until Global Forum. I’m really looking forward to seeing the coming-together of all of this preparation. I’m so impressed that Not For Sale has been able to bring together speakers of such calibre for such a forum. It is incredible to me to have access to such an array of professionals and leaders in their fields.

Ok, so I have to be up in 6 hours to catch a plane. I’ll try to get some sleep! I look forward to being able to tell you all about the trip and supply you will loads of photos.



One response to “Rebecca Lowe | Week 13

  1. Rebecca!! I hope you’re having a great time in Peru!! Sarah and Davy have been doing an amazing job keeping me sane leading up to the Global Forum, and I’m so excited for you all to see it come to fruition for the first time! Enjoy Peru and we miss you!

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