Benita Hopkins | Week 13


The response from last week’s event was amazing!  So many twitter hits or I guess they are called “tweets”.  lol!  Anyway, our next events are the Kru Nam events.  They are rapidly approaching and along with our Global Forum in Yorba Linda, CA.

If you haven’t registered yet for this event, I strongly recommend you do.  Registrations are still being accepted, though we had to add a few rooms to the sponsoring hotel for more registrants.  If you need accommodations there, you’d better hurry!

This week was another monthly Summit with the National Staff.  This is the last one before the Global Forum.  So needless to say, it’s getting a little hectic around here and I love it!!!!  You know me, I love being on the go and doing fun things such as this.

This week for me, was a lot more administrative things that needed to be done to help prepare for the upcoming big events.

Something tells me it’s gonna get a lot more hectic!

See ya next time,


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