Sarah Davis | Week 13

This week embodied the mundane, the excitement and the beauty that encompasses the NFS Fellowship program. I’ll just get the first, not so pleasant experience out of the way first. We are the process of mailing out approximately 600 gifts to some supporters of Not For Sale. This has involved the fellows stuffing, addressing, and stamping all 600 of them. Hey, you could complain about it, or, just accept the fact that not every task is exotic and cool in any position and just do it. I’ve tried to embody the later, but I’m sure I jumped into the former category a few times around envelope 453 in my stamping process.

The excitement the past week has centered around planning and anticipating Global Forum. For everyone who is planning on going, it is going to be amazing. For everyone who is not signed up, I would just stop reading this and go registrar because you will miss out on this unique opportunity to see prominent world leaders in the field of human trafficking coming together with individuals passionate to make a difference in their own community to foster networks and action. With Rebecca leaving for Peru on Thursday, I was passed over all the contacts she had been creating and added it to my growing list. I have been told some people get flustered in these situations, personally, I live for these moments. I don’t know if it my years of working on a deadline on a newspaper, but I love working out something from start to finish and doing so in a timely manner. The last couple of days have been the ultimate test of my multi-tasking and I’m sure it will only increase in the upcoming weeks. It has been great working with the whole staff during this process, especially with Laura who shows us every day a balance between accomplishing so much and still managing to keep a smile on her face.

Finally, the beauty. As I mentioned before and you might have read in Rebecca’s post, one of our lovely fellows has flown off to Peru in order to ensure she does not become an illegal immigrant in the US of A. I hadn’t heard from her since the night she left, but knew from Keturah that she had made it to Generación. Today, while I was working at the Freedom Store, I look up on my computer screen and see that she is calling me! Before I knew it, a crowd of smiling Peruvian children were jumping in front of the screen, yelling in Spanish. The quickly realized that I spoke Spanish and promptly shouted me down every time I tried to say something in English to Rebecca. One little girl held a sign up in front of the screen that read, “abla español” (since the “h” is silent in Spanish, native speakers often forget about it when writing). I tried to switch back and forth and catch up with Rebecca. She seemed quite content to have those cute little ones sitting on her lap, all clamoring for her attention. It was so great to see her in a place where Not For Sale has invested so much of its time and energy. These children are being provided with love, protection, and an education in lieu of the vulnerable conditions of living on the streets of Peru. Rebecca said she had spent her days traveling between the beach (“la playa,” she learned that word quickly), the skate park, and Generación. It was great to touch base with her and Not For Sale Peru. Before we signed off, the children asked me if I was going to visit Peru. I said maybe, but they kept pushing me for an exact date- 3 months? 6 months? Next summer?

I think I’ve figured out my 2011 travel plans.

Thanks for reading this and supporting us all in this endeavor, it truly is a unique experience I will not forget.

paz y amor,


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