Benita Hopkins | Week 14


This week has been one of unending tasks and I love them!  It’s so fascinating to get the opportunity to delve into the different aspects of the campaign.  I love seeing all sides of the story – from creating an idea, working on the idea and seeing it come to fruition.  That’s how this week has been for me.  I had ideas that I created, worked on and will hopefully get to see play out.  I love being able to help with tasks that need to be done and boy, did i get my fill of that this week.  So much fun!

One of my new projects has been to work with our new Academy director on logistics for the new class coming in the week after our Global Forum.  Finding places for them to stay, restaurants to eat, etc., has been busy work.  Contacting all the State Directors has been a challenge this week, but I trust they will come through with information needed soon so we can add to the Abolitionist Faith Database.  I’ve been loving helping our International Projects director get prepared for our Thailand Project Director to come to town.  We are planning to show her the San Francisco Bay area and show her a fine time while she’s here.  If you aren’t planning to come hear her at Mid-Peninsula Vineyard Church in San Carlos or Fromm Hall at the University of San Francisco,you will be missing a treat!  Here are the details:  Wed., 10/6 – Mid-Peninsula Vineyard Church, 1566 Arroyo Ave., San Carlos @ 7; conversation with Mark Wexler, Co-Founder of Not For Sale.

Thurs., 10/7 – Fromm Hall, Univ. of SF, Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco @ 5:45; conversation with Dave Batstone, President and Co-Founder of Not For Sale.

If you come on Thursday, Dave will be autographing his new book.  Can you tell I’ve been working on this project for a while?  :=)

I have a feeling next week will go by quickly, primarily because we will be so busy.  The following week is the biggest week of the year, probably.  It’s Global Forum Week!  For all the procrastinators, get registered!!!!  It’s gonna be another grand one!  We will totally be inundated with all the happenings of the forum and a free concert, too.  We are getting really excited and working really hard to make it the best ever.  I really hope to see all of you there.  When I do see you, let me know you’ve read this blog.  :=)

Feel free to assist me along this journey with your prayers and/or financial support.  Every little bit is greatly appreciated.

Until next time,



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