Rebecca Lowe | Week 14

Well it’s been quite an amazing week since I updated last! On Thursday morning last week, David and I set off very early from San Francisco to Lima, Peru. We were met at the airport and taken to our accommodation. We spent that evening and the next morning exploring an little of Lima before heading out on the 45 minute drive to San Bartolo, where we would be spending the next 10 days. On arrival in San Bartolo, we were immediately welcomed by all here at Generaćion. Lucy and everyone here had prepared a delicious lunch of Ceviche, followed by us getting to go and see Veronica’s House and the Vocational Centre Not For Sale is helping to build. It was such a privilege to see the partnership between Not For Sale and Generaćion in action and bearing fruit.

The rest of the week has been spent getting to know the fabulous kids here at the Surfing Tribe House. Every one of them has captured my heart and I’ve really loved the time I’ve had to spend with them. We’ve spent lots of time at ‘La Playa’ (the beach) and ‘La Rampa’ (the skate park) and exploring the town. I’ve even attempted to do a little bit of baking with them, which has been made all the more interesting by the fact that I don’t know any Spanish and don’t know if I’m buying the right ingredients! They don’t seem to mind when it tastes a little different to what it’s supposed to, and we have fun in the process!

The houseful is looked after by Emerson, who does a really phenomenal job. He is ably supported by Milagros (which translates aptly to ‘Miracles’) who has been teaching me a thing or two in the kitchen this week! The ages of the kids in the house range from 3 up to 18 years old. It’s so inspiring to see the way they care for each other and it really is a true family. I so love that this place exists, and commend Lucy for choosing to devote her life to creating safe and happy homes for the niños de la calle of Peru.

I’ve also loved seeing that, despite differences in language, culture and background, kids are the same the world over. They still bury each other in the sand at the beach, teenage girls still want to talk about boys and toddlers want to be picked up and cuddled. Skateboards and dolls and teddy bears and make-up and clothes are common the world over and while I’ve struggled not being able to verbally communicate and use the words I so love, I’ve been reminded that the things that separate us like language are far less important that the things that we have that unite us. The language of hugs really is universal!

It was a little bit strange for me this week, as originally I would have been boarding a plane home to Australia and my time at Not For Sale would have been over! Providing all goes well with the trip back to the US next week, I feel like I’m going back into a new season with Not For Sale and I’m looking forward to all that’s in store.

To all of you who have contributed financially to my being here and extending my stay, I just wanted to say again the biggest THANK-YOU! I don’t take your contribution for granted and am so grateful for all you have contributed. If anyone else would like to contribute to my time with Not For Sale, you can do that here.

Until next week!


3 responses to “Rebecca Lowe | Week 14

  1. Sounds fantastic, Little Sis’! Won’t be too surprised if your trip back to Australia is only to wash your clothes and kiss your nieces and nephews, before getting back on a plane to parts exotic. It’s no ’20 years at a Supermarket’, but I suppose it’s still a reasonable way to spend your life!

  2. What a heart-felt blog this one is ! made me cry…(and I’m in the library !).
    Your time with ‘los ninos de calle’ is the start , not the end… I think when you impact each others lives as deeply as you have, you’re eternally linked…
    Must have been so hard to leave them ( for now )…..

  3. Thanks guys! Matt, I’ll be home for a little longer than that! There is so much to be done in Aus! (which you are so helping me with btw!)
    Sorry to make you cry mum! It was incredible and I fully intend to go back some day! Feel free to come with me!

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