Sarah Davis | Week 14

This week revolved around the realization that Global Forum is rapidly drawing closer – we can now say it is less than two weeks away! All the fellows have put most of our ongoing projects on hold until after Global Forum and have found their own niche in helping plan our Southern California event. For me, this has involved creating a shopping list for all of our snack needs during the forum, talking with rental companies for anything we still need and ordering all our information postcards for the event. Each of these has had their fair share of challenges and snags, but thankfully the staff has been a great source for any clarifications I may need during the whole process.

The house continues to be quiet with only two of us living in it and I think Davy and I are both very excited to have Rebecca back this week, it just doesn’t feel quite complete without her! Not wanting the staff to be completely lacking in their snacks, I baked some banana bread for when staff came in on Friday. Adding that to the night that I made the complete dinner by myself, I would say Rebecca would be proud of the strides I have made in attempting to cook in the house.

In the midst of all the craziness that we have been preparing for with Global Forum, it’s exciting to think that this is all about to happen in the forthcoming days! Next week’s blogs will touch upon the pre-Global Forum festivities, Kru Nam’s first events in Northern California. What a great opportunity to hear from the woman that was the inspiration for starting Not For Sale. If you would like to hear her too, sign up for the Global Forum on Human Trafficking on the NFS website! I think it will be worth your while.

Thanks so much for all of your support and help. Without your generous donations these past 4 months, I would not be where I am right now! If you would like to make a donation toward my time in this fellowship, check out



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