Rebecca Lowe | Week 15

Hi All,


So I’m back! It was hard to leave the kids in Peru, and I really hope one day I can head back to see them! In the mean time, I have loads of photos to sort through and hopefully post here on the blog soon.


Getting back into the country was not without it’s drama! The immigration office at the San Francisco Airport took a little bit of time and explanation as to why I wanted to get back in so quickly after leaving. For a little while there, the immigration officer looked like she might have decided to deport me, but after much discussion with her supervisor she let me in! After asking lots of questions and grilling me about the Fellowship, the officer then informed me that, not only was she familiar with the Not For Sale Campaign, she loved what we do and was passionate about stopping human trafficking. It was a bizarre end to an intense time!


It was back into full swing in the office! We had the privilege to hear the amazing Kru Nam at two different events this week. Her story is so powerful and she tells it with such honesty, grace and humility. It was so amazing to hear first hand the chain of events that lead her to taking over 125 vulnerable children into her care. Her story also gave birth to the Not For Sale Campaign, when David Batstone met her and made the commitment to support her.


I know everyone who gets to hear her next week at the Global Forum will be moved by her courage and persistence as well. It’s strange to think that Global Forum is less than a wee away! Laura and Kilian have done such an amazing job, and while I was away, Sarah and the other Fellows has stepped into the breach and really helped to carry the load. This next week is going to be so impacting and I am so blessed to have an opportunity to be a part of it all! If you are in the Yorba Linda area next week and can come along, I can guarantee you won’t regret it!


That’s all from me for now! I’m sure I’ll have a lot to report next week!






2 responses to “Rebecca Lowe | Week 15

  1. Priceless blog !
    Thanks….have a wonderful Global forum ( was going to say ‘life-changing’ but sounds like that’s already happened! )
    Wish I could be there too…..maybe next year.

  2. As usual, each week’s blog is amazing…hope the Global Forum is a huge success and raises awareness for billions more …

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