Benita Hopkins | Week 16


WOW!!!!  Another Global Forum has come and gone and, what an exciting adventure!!!!!  I love events, people, planning, creating and seeing things flourish and come to fruition right before my eyes.  That’s the Global Forum.  Everyone working together for the cause of abolishing slavery in our lifetimes.  Everyone brings something to the table to help.  No one has it all or can do it all!  Everyone has something to share and give.  If we all give our parts, everybody gets to play.  Not just a simple few.  In this movement called the Not For Sale Campaign, it’s a small village working together to make the whole operation work.  Many times I heard it said this week that we are like a family.


Great jobs to all who participated in making this year’s Global Forum happen and happen well!  People come from all over the world to learn and share their views to help make the world a better place. I was there last year for the first forum.  I could since a difference from last year’s forum. The difference mainly for me was being a part of the behind the scenes activities of the second forum. So I didn’t quite have the opportunity to just sit and soak it all in like last year, but i did get some vital information and some of my thoughts answered. Someone mentioned to me that they felt a shift in the right direction of the forum.  They felt that this year, people seemed even more aware and proactive in the struggle to abolish slavery.  I certainly hope that that’s what we all are doing.  As Dave said in his closing remarks, “we want to see in twenty-five years, where we’ve come and how millions have been saved and rescued out of slavery.” (paraphrased)


If you missed it, what can I say?  You really did miss the event of the year!  I strongly suggest you attend next year.  For updates on how to take action in your community, log onto the website at to see the many programs available to get involved in.  We will soon have a Backyard Academy in your community .  They will be 3-day crash courses focusing on investigation, healthcare, aftercare, Biblical justice, labor issues and educational programs to further equip you.  Next week, I will be assisting with the San Francisco Academy – Investigative and Aftercare.  I’m really excited. I love learning and watching others do the same.  I’ve enjoyed preparing for this academy.


This morning was sad to see Kru Nam leave at the airport.  It was a bittersweet moment for us all, but we know as she does, she has to go back to continue the work she’s been chosen by God to do in northern Thailand.  We had another week of being together as we traveled to another destination this week for her to speak before the forum.  I can’t wait to see her in Thailand in her own environment, working in her element-helping the children of northern Thailand become educated and future artists and musicians.  So long, Kru Nam.  You will be missed!


Until next time . . . . .


Benita Hopkins



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