Rebecca Lowe | Week 19

Week 19


This week has been a great time to get back to the office, catch up on emails and reconnect with the team. It felt like it’s had been a long time since  I’d seen some of them, and I didn’t realize that I’d missed them! I also realized I haven’t baked for the office in over a month and will have to rectify that next week!


I’ve been continuing with the Global Forum debriefing process with the staff and fellows, and it continues to be a really valuable experience for me. Next week I’ll be trying to compile everyone’s thoughts and reflections into a report for the staff  to do with as they see fit. It’s nice to think that in some small way, I can contribute to making the Global Forum 2011 even more spectacular than this year.


In my down time I got to spend some time in the city again, at the SF French Film Festival. Realizing that my time here is quickly running out, I’m determined to experience as much of this city as I can. It’s so great having friends who take the time to show me around and take me to fun places!


Next week will be full of debriefing again. I’m surprised just how much time this process can take! I’ll also be looking in more detail at preparations and research that needs to be done for NFS Australia. It is a big job, but I am confident being part of such a great team. The Hirt family (and friends!) and Jen and Kim bring such passion and commitment a drive and I’m excited to be a part of the movement with them.


If you would like to contribute to the movement and support my time here, you can do that by following this link.



One response to “Rebecca Lowe | Week 19

  1. It is great reading your blogs here and to know that you are working so hard and doing something your heart is in.

    Will continue to pray that you time there will be fruitful.

    Every blessing


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