Sarah Davis | Week 19

This week became, on accident, my week of recognizing I have actually been retaining information from this Fellowship. Allow me to elaborate: this week, Keturah gave me the task of updating the Not For Sale Wikipedia page. Originally, it was for updating the numbers supplied on the page but then it turned into re-formating the entire document because it was written so poorly.


Now, one thing that must be known about me is that, when it comes to 21st century means of communication, I am a complete novice. Starting a blog was probably the trendiest, technologically advanced thing I have done in my life. The fact I even understood Facebook enough to start one is in itself a miracle. Whenever the word “programming” is uttered in a sentence regarding computers, there is a pretty good chance I will have no clue what that conversation is about. So, needless to say, editing the content of a Wikipedia page was no sweat, the bigger task for me was hoping that Wikipedia would be set-up for computer-challenged individuals such as myself.


Well, two tries and one warning alerting me to stop vandalizing Not For Sale’s page later, I finally got it to work! I was even able to re-format the page based on the symbols I already saw on the editing page. For all my friends who majored in computer science, went to MIT or Cal Tech and will most likely be the first astronauts on Mars, this is quite comical. However, for someone who seems to be light years behind her generation in understanding computer lingo, this was quite an accomplishment.


While the majority of the time I was copying and pasting writing that has already been published on Not For Sale’s page to Wikipedia, I had to research, go through the NFS website and pick and choose what I knew to be the most important summarization of events and action taken through the Campaign. It was then that I realized how far I had come in my comfort level of talking about human trafficking and Not For Sale from 5 months ago. This might seem a tad obvious – naturally if you are in this environment for every day for 6 months, you better know what you are talking about. Nevertheless, I think working at it day in and day out you forget to step back and realize how far you have come.


I’m excited to realize more and more the tools I am gaining right now at Not For Sale. I recognize that at times my work may seem as far away from freeing people from slavery as possible, but I know that it is not in vain. A major component of this Fellowship is to foster and educate the future leaders in this abolitionist movement and I am proud to be one of the few to have gone through it and already begin to see my knowledge being used in small ways, I can only imagine where it is going to take me in the years to come.


However, none of these realizations and learning experiences would have been possible without the continual support from amazing friends and family members who have helped financially and prayerfully along the way. Thank you, I do not think I will be able to say enough how much your contribution has been appreciated.


paz y amor, Sarah



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