Sarah Davis | Week 20

This week during my fellowship was the week of tying up loose ends on various projects. When I wasn’t reviewing content for various, upcoming projects for Free 2 Work, I was wrapping up tasks for Global Forum, such as figuring out the exact number of attendees present during the two day event.

On Tuesday, we had a Fellows day that included a book discussion on “Half the Sky.” I had prepared questions and led our discussion during that time. It was a great opportunity to really dig deeper into a greater understanding of the text with individuals who come from different walks of life. One thing I have really appreciated about my time during this Fellowship is the immense amount of diversity within our group. It has been great to try to understand different opinions, struggles and perspectives through different cultural, societal and educational backgrounds.

This weekend, a large food and wine event in the mall led to one of our biggest sale days in the store, resulting in a hectic day of replenishing our stock out front and making use of our Square and ipad. On two separate occasions I had people tell me that I really seemed to know what I was talking about and/or I explained the store’s purpose clearly. I think in one particular instance the man just said that because I elevated my voice loud enough so he could hear me through is earpiece, but for the rest of the instances, it seemed people seemed to have a clearer understanding of what the Freedom Store is all about.

In these last couple of weeks, we are entering a time of reflection about this fellowship: take away points and what we want to do with the knowledge we have gained during our time here. At times none of us want to admit that we will be leaving here in less than a month, but at the same time, we are starting to plan the best way we can utilize the tools we have been given in whatever facets of our post-fellowship lives. More to follow on that for all of us…

Thanks again to all of you who continue to support me through encouragement and finances each week. It has been such a great experience and I plan to maximize my time here to its full potential in these final days here in Half Moon Bay.


One response to “Sarah Davis | Week 20

  1. Sarah,
    Fun being with you this weekend. We are so proud of you.
    Love, Mom

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