Rebecca Lowe | Week 21

I love staff Summit weeks! For 2 days the staff come together from far and wide to meet, strategize, plan and catch up. There is a special energy present when everyone gathers and it’s a privilege to be around for it. Although not present for all of it, the fellows got to be a part of some pretty exciting discussions and heard some of the future plans of NFS. Dave shared some amazing direction and, once more, I’m so thankful to be a part of this.


With so many of the staff around, Laura and Kilian were able to go over the debriefing summaries that we’d been working on for the past month. It was an interesting and helpful experience for me, having been involved from start to finish. I really liked hearing the discussions generated around the key concepts and words. I loved that the successes far outweighed the negatives and there were some really thoughtful and insightful recommendations for next year. I’m already looking forward to coming back for the forum next year.


These past few days were the last opportunity I had to see some of the staff before heading home. Imelda and Kevin were both in town and it was so lovely to see them. They are both doing such an amazing job, and I can imagine it could be difficult at times for them being so far away from everyone else. I know I appreciate the regular contact with the team, and am going to miss it when I’m back home.


Next week is Thanksgiving and I’m so excited to be experiencing it for the first time. Keturah has been gracious enough to invite me to celebrate with her family and I know it’s going to be an amazing day. I’ll be sure to let you know how much fun I have next week!


Thanks for the support everyone!





One response to “Rebecca Lowe | Week 21

  1. I think Thanksgiving will have a very significant meaning for you this year…’ve experienced so much in this 6 months with NFS to be deeply Thankful for ….

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