Sarah Davis | Week 21

This week marked the last monthly staff summit we will attend as Fellows. It was bittersweet to sit around the table on Friday, seeing all these faces I had become so familiar with seeing and realizing I won’t be around them anymore. I know I have very little to complain about compared with my housemates – I at least will still be in California (albeit 6 hours away) and will be able to visit and volunteer from my new place of residence. Nevertheless, I know that the dynamics of being with the staff, attending these staff summits and working day-to-day full time on Not For Sale is something I will greatly miss.


When I wasn’t thinking about those farewells, I was busy doing wrap-up projects that I am completing now up until when I leave. For Free2Work, I have been acquiring the necessary information to create the profiles for newly rated companies for the website. This week also marked the release of the new Free2Work iPhone and iPad app, so if you have one of those I suggest looking up the app for holiday season shopping! This past week has really been focused on Free2Work tasks, which has been fun given the exciting new changes being made to that platform.


Additionally, I have been thinking ahead to the next Fellows responsibilities in the Freedom Store and trying to make their transition in as smooth as possible. This has resulted in me creating a check-list for everyone on store shifts and for whomever will be in charge in online orders. What is nice is that Benita will be taking over the store responsibilities during the time between the two Fellowships at the Christmas season, so it will be nice to have someone run through it as a trial run before the new Fellows come in.


All in all, it has been a busy week and I’m looking forward to a change of scenery next week when I go to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving. It’s been interesting to watch Rebecca and Davy get excited about Thanksgiving when the only thing they know about it is from television shows and movies. They will be going to two different houses for the holiday so I’m looking forward to hearing what they think when we are back together!


Thank you again for all of your continual support during this time. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity so early on in my post-graduate life and am looking forward to seeing where my knowledge from this period in my life will take me.


Hope all is well with you all as we enter this often-hectic holiday season,




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