Benita Hopkins | Week 21



The weeks seem to be flying by now that the end is getting near.  Reality really began to set in when we said our good-byes to some of the national staff that we won’t see before our departure.  I HATE GOOD-BYES!  For me it’s always a “see ya later”.  I plan on seeing these guys from time to time since I live in the area of the headquarters.  That’s a consolation for me.  We had a great time together this week at the Staff Summit for a bit and later at the Wine Bar together before people needed to leave for flights out of town.


Anyway, I can see and feel many things I’ve been working on for a while coming together.  I finished the “Agents of Change” Children’s skit, turned in the rough draft of the “Change Project” for schools, churches, etc., continued to work on our “Good-Bye”Celebration for next week, discuss and purchase Christmas decorations for the Freedom Store, work my shift at the store and work on the beginnings of informational placards for the store items.  The projects of the week have all been fun!  I’ve been formulating in my mind how I want to carry out my place in this fight.  My thoughts are all coming together and it is very exciting to see things fall into place.  Exciting, but still a walk of faith!  You’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens.


I look forward to the coming weeks of working in the store more often, particularly during the holiday season.  Meeting and greeting the people and telling the story of the store is exciting.  Don’t forget to stop by and do your Christmas shopping with us.  It’s a good cause for all concerned.


As we enter the week of Thanksgiving in this country, I wish to take the time to thank Not For Sale for this wonderful opportunity to join them in the fight against slavery and trafficking in this country and around the world.  This immense amount of information I’ve obtained will go far in my fight as an Abolitionist.  Each person I’ve encountered here is amazing in his own way and is much needed in the world around us.  I wish you all a most blessed beginning of the Thanksgiving season.


Until next week. . . .  I really do need your help to meet my need for next month.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Log onto

Thank you so much!





“. . .until the whole world hears.”



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