Sarah Davis | Week 22

This shortened, holiday week in the Fellowship was in no way short of activities. On Monday, the fellows and a few of the staff had the pleasure of participating in a leadership workshop with Chet Scott, founder of Built to Lead.


Built to Lead works with company employees, CEOs and presidents to better lead and serve one another. His consulting is founded on the core principle that when you know how to lead yourself, you will be able to more effectively lead others. With that mindset, our afternoon was spent examining the simple questions of why we were working in the field we were and what tools we had that we could utilize or fine-tune to better work with and lead others.


I really enjoyed my time in this intro workshop. I can see where hearing it daily and getting it into my head would be most beneficial. For example, Chet talked about how writing down your thoughts about everything is the most effective way of getting your thoughts down collectively. We must get into the habit of writing everything down we are attempting to process. I completely agree with this, and yet, for some reason I only seem to make a daily effort to write down my thoughts when I am traveling outside of the United States. Perhaps it is my mind believing that any transformative occurrence will happen when I am outside my country of origin, but I am starting to see more every day how much I am learning and growing even when I am only a few hours away from where I grew up. This isn’t to say I have lost my zeal for traveling, but this workshop reminded me that writing daily about my thoughts on different matters is an important tool I must hone for all aspects of my life, domestically and internationally.


The rest of the week was spent trying to catch up tasks that had slipped under the radar for the past couple of days with staff retreat and immediate tasks such as the Free2Work iPhone app. I have spent the greater part of this week at my parents house in Sacramento. It has been great having so many people ask me about how the fellowship is going and wanting to know where I am going to go with the knowledge I have gained during my time here. I hope my saying it so often does not reduce how much appreciation I have for these and the many other people who support me – you are the reason why I am able to be here day after day!


I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving with loved ones and that the Christmas season rush hasn’t engulfed you already. If however it has and you shopping is already on the brain 24/7, be sure to check out Free2Work’s iPhone app for the ratings on major companies before heading out to the malls!


paz y amor,




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