Sarah Davis | Week 23

It seems strange to believe it, but we are counting down the final days of the fellowship. December has arrived and while our responsibilities have in no way diminished around the office, we are all gearing our tasks toward preparing for the upcoming fellows. In my case, this has meant updating our Freedom Store inventory and finalizing the Freedom Store Manager responsibilities. This is a document I have been compiling together for the past couple of weeks and fine tuning for whoever is in charge of the Freedom Store next. I have been training Benita with this document so that she can effectively take over next week and during the Christmas season. She will be able to adjust any of the steps I wrote down and have an updated version to train the Fellows with in January. Overall, it has been great having the creative minds of Benita and Rebecca in the store – they have an eye for retail and display that often seems to escape me.


When I haven’t been working on the Freedom Store, I have been wrapping up projects for Tini with International Projects and getting everything in order for her to hand off to the next Fellows. My goal has been to keep everything organized and up to date so that she has not had to worry about the Go Abroad account for five months. Hopefully now with our International Project summaries and Pre-Departure Packets updated, informing interested travelers about their responsibilities and preparation will be much smoother.


On top of all of this, I have been kept busy with a string of general inquiry emails. As we have improved our knowledge about Not For Sale, the fellows have been given more opportunities to answer emails that do not have a specific question but rather want to know more general information about the movement. These emails have been another opportunity for all of us to really put into action the knowledge we have gained over the past few months and share it with those who also want to learn.


On Friday, we had a farewell potluck at the Fellows house. It was bittersweet to see this all closing but exciting to see all the different ways that we fellows are immediately and long-term going to be involved with Not For Sale around the world. Our house was packed with people, good conversation, and way too much food. It was a joy to have everyone around and share in this time with some very remarkable and gifted individuals whom I have had the pleasure of working with these past 6 months.


Thanks to all of you who continue to read our blogs and encourage us emotionally and support us financially. It has truly been a blessing experience. My goal right now is to take in each day, live in the moment, and enjoy my final days here at the Not For Sale Fellowship.


paz y amor,





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