Benita Hopkins | Week 23



Surprises are always fun for me!  This week I had the privilege to work on the Fellows Goodbye Celebration as we, Fellows are about to embark upon our next ventures in this abolitionist movement.  It was a lot of fun preparing a special gift for the fellows.  A special thanks to Rebecca for her help with the preparations.  Thanks to everyone to came out for a night of fun, food and games.  We had to make it an event to be remembered.


It was also a week of decorating of the Freedom Store for the Christmas season.  For the next month, I will be managing the store through the holiday season. Sarah has been great help getting me ready for this transition with all her updating of the inventory and business records.  I have been setting things in order, updating information on each product for the smooth training of the next fellowship class in a few weeks.  Don’t hesitate to stop by for all your holiday shopping needs.  There are special holiday hours that start next week.  For the next two weeks we have added Wednesday (12/15,22) as open store days.


The next few days will be spent finishing up projects before we depart our Fellowship Program.  We will miss Davy as he prepares to return home early next week to continue on in the abolitionist movement.  I wish you well Davy.  Have a safe trip back home.


Have a blessed week everyone,






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