Rebecca Lowe | Week 24

Well this has been quite the week! It started off with Keturah and I heading down the coast to go do some site visits on potential locations for some very exciting events coming up next year. It was so great to be a part of that, knowing I won’t be around for the events but being able to visualize where it will be and what it will look like!
On Wednesday my mum arrived! After enduring many delays and traveling for a total of about 30 hours, she finally made it to San Francisco! It is so fabulous having her here andI’m really looking forward to showing her just a little taste of my experience here, so she will hopefully understand why I love it so much! I’ve already been able to introduce her to some of the staff and show her that store and office. I think she’s having a great time so far, despite the jet lag…
This week also saw Davy leave us and head back to Belgium. We celebrated with one last meal at the fellows house, with the 4 of us, Keturah and her husband Jordan and my mum.It was great to have that opportunity to all be together and share about our experiences.Sarah and I got up nice and early on Friday to take Davy to the airport, and although Ihaven’t heard from him yet, I’m pretty sure he made it home!
It’s so strange to think the fellowship is coming to an end. I know it is going to be so painful to say goodbye. I’ve come to love these people and places. I’m really glad for mum being here. Doing fun things and spending time with her helps me not get all depressed at the thought of leaving…
On a bright note, I had one of my best days in the store this week! It is so wonderful to see so many people deliberately seeking out Fair-trade and ethical choices for Christmas gifts.It helps that the products are so beautiful too! If you are in the area and still have some shopping to do, I recommend you stop by the HMB Freedom Store! You can check out some of the products online here too!
Take care,Rebecca


One response to “Rebecca Lowe | Week 24

  1. So impressed with NFS !
    Such a passionate, dedicated, committed and talented bunch of guys doing their very creative best to help eradicate slavery and educate people how to do their part in ensuring traffickers are rendered powerless and victims are identified, helped and restored …… gotta be part of it !

    Loved the store, the promotions, the plans for2011….but , most of all, the team !

    Well done Bec ! glad you’ve found your life-cause !

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