Sarah Davis | Week 24

This week was my official wrap-up week in the office. I officially leave Half Moon Bay in less than a week so I suppose that my denial of this actually happening needs to slowly end. It has been a bittersweet week but my goal has been to live, experience and enjoy every moment.


Living in the present is easier said than done but I would like to think I have done just that this week. On top of trying to finish our last book discussion reading, I have been troubleshooting any last minute challenges with the Freedom Store and helping Benita be ready to take over the online account when I leave. The store is even more Christmas-like than last week and Rebecca took in some amazing sales yesterday on Friday, one of our normally slow days! It’s been great to see the community really reaching out to shop here and we have been having a lot of regulars returning for their Christmas gift shopping. If you are in the Half Moon Bay area, you should stop by!


This was also my last full week seeing staff twice a week, as staff retreat is next week. It was already tough to say goodbye to some who I won’t be seeing next Friday on their return and it just seems strange still that this chapter of my life is ending. In reality, I’m not over with Not For Sale and for this I am fortunate but it will be odd to not be here in the office, every week.


Yesterday morning, Rebecca and I drove Davy to the airport as our last house outing together. Now with a house filled with girls – Rebecca’s mum included – I am starting to realize that…I’m next. This of course means I need to start packing and getting ready to move, which of course I will probably put off until the last possible moment. Regardless, it has been an action-packed fun filled week here at Not For Sale, reminding me once again why I am so glad I decided to take embark on this Fellowship adventure.



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