David Quimby | Week 1

I started off my journey, 2,200 miles away in Chicago, IL. After a few days of straight driving, I pulled into El Granada, California on January 6th. It has been a definite wave of emotions that are pulling me in both directions. It was so hard to make the choice to be so far away from my family and everything else that I know. One of the hardest parts is missing seven months of my nieces and nephews young growing lives! But GOD has opened a big door and opportunity in my life with Not for Sale Campaign and if I would have passed it up, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. Instead of spending my time making money for someone else, I have the ability to spend my time saving people’s lives!


On Saturday, Jono from Australia arrived and it has been really exciting getting to meet another guy that is so passionate about stopping human trafficking as I am. He was struggling through the first few days because of jet lag but is now getting accustomed to our clock here. Shane from South Africa did not arrive till Tuesday so Jono and I were started on training on Monday morning. Right away we were introduced to what we will be doing and tasks were given to us right away. While with the Not for Sale Campaign I will be working on event planning for the major events coming up. I will also be in charge of SAMstudents.org, updating student club databases updated, and providing material for NFS chartered clubs. The last major task that I am in charge of is the Freedom Store. I will be manager of the store and there are a lot of ideas that I already have just walking into it for the first time to make it run smoother and be more successful!


Shane arrived at SF airport around 3 pm and I was in charge of picking him up. No form of communication and I had only met him one time in the past so luckily I was able to remember what He looked like when He was there sitting on one of the benches, looking completely lost :).


It has been exciting as well as very interesting to get to know these two guys. Over the past week I have laughed so hard and so much that it has helped me to get past my homesick feelings. There will never be a dull moment in our home and the guys living in this house are on fire for a cause! It’s going to be amazing to see what together we can all accomplish. This is going to be a great 6 month experience and we have some great support behind us every step of the way.


I want to take time to personally thank every person that has helped to make this possible. You have enabled me to make a difference in this world and in turn I will never be able to fully repay you for what you have given me.

For any correspondence you can mail:

David Quimby

P.O. Box 2811

El Granada, CA 94018-2811


To help financially please visit: https://nfs.webconnex.com/davidquimby



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