Jono Hirt | Week 1

The first week is over.  The jet lag is over.  My anxieties are over (mostly) and now I’m honestly really excited about what lays ahead.  Maybe I should back up a bit though.


I set out from Sydney International Airport feeling a mix of emotions, in fact the weeks leading up to leaving I went through many moments like that – feeling super excited, super nervous and super hopeful of everything to follow.  I tend to worry slash over think things and I got real good at that leading up to my departure.  I was mostly sad to be leaving my family whom I love very much.  On the bright side (apart from embarking on what I know will be a life changing experience with the Not For Sale Campaign) I was moving a lot closer to a whole bunch of fam and friends in the States who I don’t get to see very often – so suffice to say I was feeling happy and sad.


After a 13-hour (5 movie and two meal) flight to LAX, a 3-hour layover and then another short flight to SF I had arrived, albeit a little late due to the notorious Bay Area fog.  I was picked up by the NFS Fellowship Director, the lovely Keturah Scott and one of my new housemates, David from Chicago (who is equally cool).  I was pretty spaced out after not sleeping at all so I don’t know if I made the greatest of first impressions but nevertheless headed to Half Moon Bay which houses my new home and the NFS HQ.


The weekend (the part of Saturday that I wasn’t asleep) and Sunday consisted of unpacking and acclimating and then it was Monday – the first day of work at the NFSC!  The day was mostly taken up by introductions and training, it was a really good first day.  I found out that I’ll be working with the energetic Don Batstone on the Abolitionist Academy platforms that NFS run and also working with Tini (Christina Hebets) on the International Projects – namely to do with international volunteer opportunities.  Both of these platforms are different but compliment each other and I’m really excited about how the work I do on each can crossover and be mutually beneficial.


I’ll be honest, I was a little overwhelmed by the end of day one, I’m not sure how much the lingering jetlag was responsible but by the time we got home, (David and I – Shane was yet to arrive) I was as we say in Australia “buggered”.


Shane, the third and final fellow arrived Tuesday afternoon from South Africa.  I think that one of the reasons that the Not For Sale Campaign has been so successful is because of the awesome people it surrounds itself with – and this couldn’t be more accurate in describing David and Shane – they are awesome people and I’m really excited about getting to know them better and what we can achieve together over the next 6 months.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday went by in a heartbeat, in fact the whole first week did as we all got into our groves – its Saturday now, the sun is out, the shopping is done (Costco is so rad), I’m working with the wonderful Benita tomorrow in the Freedom Store which should be fun.  Life is good.  And I’m already looking forward to getting back into the office.  I predict next week will be even busier, but good busy.  Tune in next week.


Love you all.  Jono.









One response to “Jono Hirt | Week 1

  1. Glad to hear your settling in! So excited for you- sounds like they have given you some great projects to sink your teeth into! Give my love to Don, Tini, all the Batstone’s and the NFS crew!
    Miss you, Love you, Proud of you!

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