Shane Vermooten | Week 1

If I told you in just one week, I flew from one side of the world to the other, moved into a house with a Aussie and an American, barely ate any food, laughed till I cried, practiced email writing and worked towards creating new futures for survivors of human trafficking, there is only one place I could be right? And what’s that place, Half Moon Bay with the Not For Sale Campaign. I arrived at San Francisco international airport at 3pm on Tuesday and went straight into the office as I had already missed one day. When I got back to the house, I picked my room and chatted with the new housemates late into the night. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were really about getting used to the ethos of not for sale while at the same time working on the projects which had been given to us, in my case to work on a promo for freedom Sunday. During the week we all got training in how the freedom store operates and had to sign up for a time to work, the freedom store is open 4 days a week from Thursday to Sunday, so that means that we all get to fight out who works what day on the weekend, and I got Saturday. While I am writing this, I am actually busy working my shift in the store, and I just had about 15 red hat society women come in and buy about $200  dollars of stuff, quite an experience when you still cant tell the difference between a nickel and a dime, but I survived and all that’s left to do is sweep the floor and lock up and then its time to walk home, to a supper which my roommates have hopefully prepared. Already in this week I have learnt so much and my thinking has been stretched not necessarily through any big event but just by little conversations and that is how we will end slavery in our lifetime, one small conversation at a time. Looking forward to the journey that I am embarking on for the next 6 months, with newly found friends and housemates Jono, David and our ever present boss/friend Keturah. So here’s to learning, laughing and abolishing slavery.


One response to “Shane Vermooten | Week 1

  1. great job on sales in the store! :)

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