David Quimby | Week 2


Wow! What a crazy Second week already! One of the first things I have learned here at Not For Sale is that everything moves and changes quickly. You may be planning something and ten minutes later, you can completely switch tracks. For some this may be hard to follow, but for me it is a welcome breathe of relief. You are always doing something different here but it’s amazing to see what you can accomplish when put under enough stress! One of the coolest things about this organization is to see the amazing leadership and talent that David Batstone has built up around him. Not For Sale is not looking to succeed for a year, they are looking to create a successful organization that will continue to grow and make SIGNIFICANT changes in people’s lives for years to come! I just can’t explain how it feels to know that I get to be a part of that!

This week in the office I have started working on Global Forum 2011. We are looking to step it up this year and the event will be held in San Francisco. The concert will be rocking this time around with three OUTSTANDING bands!

After just two weeks in the office, I am starting to feel comfortable understanding and working on all the projects I have been assigned to. One major push and Idea that I have had is to get the Freedom Store running more effectively and smoothly. Though they had great systems in place in the past, we want to make it easier for all three of us fellows to be able to recognize and sell the jewelries that we have a hard time distinguishing between. After just one week of shifts in the freedom store, I have noticed that having an accent really is a benefit when working in our retail J. Between Shane and Jono, they have sold over $850 worth of merchandise… me ..zero. I’m hoping to blame this on my shift being 1/3 of the length of theirs but I will l let them have the glory right now, it won’t last long!

The last project I have been assigned to is taking over the Student Abolitionist movement. We are currently working on putting a calendar together that shows events of all the clubs on our main webpage at SAMstudents.org. To work a NFS club and know that there are tons of other clubs in the area working towards the same goals, are hope is that it will give these organizations Ideas and support to host events of their own.

On another note, Half Moon Bay’s weather has been a well welcomed break from that of Chicago’s. I left the freezing cold to come to an area that averages 60 degrees daily and for the last two weeks has had an abnormal amount of sunny days! My B-day was last weekend and I made the most out of it. In my e-mail I received a coupon for a 24 hour free motorcycle rental so I spent all Sunday exploring the state park just across the golden gate bridge. I have to admit that being in such an amazing area, working at an amazing organization, and riding a Harley Fat Boy led to one of the best birthdays yet! It only would have been better if I could have had my entire family out here with me! Soon enough!

House: Still enjoying living with two of the craziest guys I have ever met! Though we have all agreed that we will probably hate each other by the end of our three months, we have a lot of crazy ideas for videos that our viewers will eventually get to watch! Keep your eyes open for them as they will be coming soon!



3 responses to “David Quimby | Week 2

  1. Hey! I don’t remember agreeing on that last point.

  2. You’re right, it is the accent. I know exactly how you feel.

  3. We just had skills Sarah ;)

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