Shane | Week 2

William Wilberforce, one of the greatest abolitionists the world has ever known, had a dream to end slavery and he did just that, in fact he was assured that the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, would pass through parliament just 3 days before he died. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to be alive at that period in time and sit in those abolitionist meetings, where Wilberforce and other anti slave trade activists plotted how to bring an end to the monster that was the Trans Atlantic slave trade.

This week I got a taste of what that may have been like, at our Staff Summit, not because of the way the staff dressed, but because of the way they spoke, and I don’t mean in old English. I was sitting among people who are determined to end slavery, but unlike Wilberforce, many aren’t necessarily going to give their entire lives to this cause because they are determined to beat the modern day slave trade in only 25 years. If I had to choose a couple words to sum up this week, they would probably be high energy and laughter.

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day so we had the day off, and for the first time I got to see the real beauty of this area, Jono and I went for a cycle along the beaches and down to the Half Moon Bay town. I also managed to finish the Freedom Sunday promo, and was helped with the planning of events. At the staff summit I had a few meetings with people regarding the media that needs to be done over the next 6 months.

Not For Sales 4th birthday is coming up soon, so we were working on a little birthday surprise, so keep checking for updates. This weekend the freedom summit was held in Fremont, CA and David was one of the keynote speakers so Not For Sale had a table, which we sold merchandise from the freedom store at. Fremont is about an hour from Half Moon Bay, so we left the office early on Friday to make the drive out there and help set up the store before the summit began. Our table had a prime spot right next to the main entrance to the auditorium so when the doors opened the store was very busy and although I still haven’t quite nailed the money situation yet, I love the interactions that you get to have with people while working at the store. On the opening night Condoleezza Rice was the keynote speaker and we got the opportunity to hear her, although when she was done I was kind of disappointed with what she said, it reminded me that sometimes to make an impact you may need to upset some people. On the way home we realized we hadn’t eaten the whole day so we decided to go get some good old health food, Mac D’s.

The next morning we had to leave the house at 7 to get to Fremont, Saturday was a big day for the store as David was the keynote speaker. First thing in the morning there was a panel discussion and then Dave took the stage, and the audience loved him. When Dave was done the Not For Sale Table was mobbed with people who either wanted to buy something from us or speak to David and I had many good conversations with people who were keen to get involved. I left the summit early as my mom was in town for a video shoot and so I got to spend the night with her, was good seeing family, but makes you miss the people who you don’t get to see. Just before I went o bed I turned on the news and saw Jono and Dave working at the freedom store, which I thought was really cool.

This week has been yet another huge learning curve and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, but I couldn’t have been doing this without the support and prayers of all my family and friends back home and all around the world, so Thank you.

Watch my video update from the freedom store:


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  1. Great job, Shane! Keep up the good work.


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