David Quimby | Week 3

WOW! Where have the last three weeks gone! It seems like just yesterday I was pulling in for the night into a new home that I had never sleeping in before. The weeks at Not For Sale seem to just slip away as you are trying to get the most out of every minute, so much to get done in such a little time.
Last weekend we spent all afternoon Friday and all day Saturday at the Freedom Summit in Fremont, CA. The two key note speakers for this event were Condoleezza Rice and David Batstone. Going into it, I was really excited to hear what Rice had to say on the subject. But, once up on the stage it was hard to follow her as the statistics she gave us were old, “safe” numbers that everyone already knows. It was amazing to see what steps the government has taken over the last 5-10 years in helping to fight human trafficking. The yearly TIP report has become a very important piece of legislation, and the US leverages the information in the report to force countries to make changes.


The best part of the weekend was when David Batstone got up on stage. He is SOO passionate about the subject that even if you knew what he was going to say, it still amazed you and makes you give it a second thought. I don’t want to be disrespectful but I really do believe that David blew the other speakers out of the water. To be an amazing speaker, you’re going to hurt someone’s feelings here and there. He wasn’t afraid to “step on toes”. One of his main ideas was that we aren’t asking for people to come and just join the movement, we want people that are passionate and want to make things happen! It felt like everyone in the crowd was just asking for more and more while he was speaking.
Work around the office has been amazing. Yes I am behind a computer screen all day but I am getting more done then I ever thought possible. We are currently working on the Global Forum for 2011 and It is amazing to see the potential that the event has for this upcoming year. We have a great line up of bands and some of the speakers names being thrown around are going to have a major impact on those people that are willing to give up their time to come and listen. I really want to know if the lady that stood up saying she was going to wear the same shirt for a year is holding up her end of the bargain. If so, should we encourage her to change it before she shows up at the forum? ☺
The weather here has continued to be amazing. The temperature has been upwards of 65 everyday with nothing but the sun over our heads. I keep being told not to get used to this, but I’m being very optimistic and hopefully this sun and temperatures stick around for a little longer! Anything is better than the snow and temperatures that my parents and friends keep telling me they are experiencing at home!
While on the way to the Freedom Summit, Jono, Shane, and I created a masterpiece of a music video to the song A Whole New World. You can check it out at: http://bit.ly/f6Mcgz . These are the two craziest and funniest guys that I have ever met. There is never a dull moment in the house. Sometime in the next few days we are planning on going golfing at an amazingly awesome indoor black light mini-golf course. HAHA it is going to be epic.. well at least we will try and make it be that way!
For any correspondence you can mail:
David Quimby
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El Granada, CA 94018-2811
To help me out financially please visit: https://nfs.webconnex.com/davidquimby


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