Jono Hirt | Week 3

“No te atrevas a cerrar los ojos!”


*He stares at the blank page for a while.  The weathers awfully uninspiring, maybe music will help, something to write to.  He flicks through his iTunes play list.  Memories of fun with friends, heartbreak, laughter, and tears stare back up at him* It’s funny how the music we listen to can hold memory; remind us of times and people we haven’t thought about in a while.  I’m listening to Led Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy.  It reminds me of my sister Sydney and being 16.  Random.


Shane and I made it into the city twice this week, which was a nice change of pace from Half Moon Bay; I’m most definitely a city kid at heart.  This week was productive, spent more time in the office, I really like the workspace – the environment it creates, there’s always a buzz, there’s always laughter (amidst the hard work).  I really can’t believe it’s week three, I’m sure I’ll say that every week, but the time is flying.


As well as working on the academies and volunteer programs I started working with Jamee Herbert (NFS Campaign Manager) and Don Batstone (Academy Director) on a redux of which will bring students and academics together to research specific areas pertaining to modern-day slavery and feed into the work NFS does.  I’m really excited about this new project, I think it’s going to breath new life into the movement and produce some amazing work.  [More to come on this].


This week we had our first session with Keturah on self strengthening, development of our core – what makes us us, why we are doing what we are doing, what’s going to sustain us through the muck of life – we started this by writing down a list of what we believe – essentially the ingredients of our world view.  In recent years I’ve slowly discovered the importance and worth of reflection.  Whether that be through writing down everything in your head, just pouring it all out on a page or fumbling that into a poem, it’s good – it helps, at least it helps me.


The process of writing down what you believe sounds easy; however I don’t think it’s meant to be all that easy – not if you really think about what your writing, because part of believing is doing and we don’t always do what we believe. Or at least I don’t.


The first ingredient of my worldview was – “I believe in God”.  I do, I’m a Christian, I was brought up in the Church – some of my earliest memories are in Church, on the purple carpet at Avalon Baptist Peace Memorial Church.  At some point along the way I consciously decided to stop borrowing my faith from my parents.  I didn’t have a “born again” experience, I’ve always being Christian but I definitely had to start believing for myself.  My faith has pushed me in this direction – to want to work for justice, and not live a normal existence.  I think more than anything my faith and all that means and represents will be what keeps me going.


I don’t often get reflective unless I’m deliberate about it and I get easily engrossed in what I’m doing so it was good to take a few moments out this week and read over my “what I believe” list and think about all the things that make me me – and how I can better enact those things in my life.




2 responses to “Jono Hirt | Week 3

  1. Jono,

    It is so great to hear your heart through these pages. You are growing in your walk as a Christian, as you take those first steps, whether you stumble or it’s a firm one. Just remember “His Word IS a lamp unto your feet.” Stay with HIM and you’ll go far.

    I’ll walk with you.

    Your Fellow Abolitionist,


  2. Rev Dr John Hirt

    Hey powerful stuff son … deep, witty and meaningful and … nice and easy writing style. Well done. You are staying close to what gives you strength!

    Love, Dad

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