David Quimby | Week 5

Map out your future, but do it in pencil. ~Jon Bon Jovi

Two Days ago, was exactly one month from my start date at Not For Sale. One year ago, who would have thought that this is where I would be and what I would be doing. God has an amazing way of surprising me at times when I think I have everything planned out. This quote from Bon Jovi came through my e-mail this week and I found it very interesting because it is sooo true and exactly fits how my life has been over the last few years. We may feel like we have everything lined up for our future but everything can change at the drop of a hat. If we are unable to be accustomed to change, our chances of being successful will fall to the wayside.

During my first few weeks here, it was easy for me to get frustrated when I didn’t know the answer to a question or know exactly what to say. After talking with Jamee yesterday night, I realized that I am really a rookie to working with anti-human trafficking. This is my first experience working with an organization or anything of this sort. I may not know the answer to every question, I may not know exactly what to say, but that is part of the learning process of the fellowship. I’m learning to find the answers and passing on my knowledge to others daily. I now am able to answer questions that 4-5 weeks ago, I would have been completely stuck on.

Last week was a pretty exciting one. We had an event called the Montara Circle. This event brought in 50 of the top global leaders from across the United States and a few other countries to help come up with solutions to the exploitation of people and the planet in the Amazon, particularly a part of Peru. The ideas that these leaders came up with on the spot were amazing. Partnering with NFS, these ideas that they came up with will make a drastic impact on this region of the world. To help the event run smoothly, all of us were constantly on the go and overall the event turned out to be amazing and a great success. Overall, the event will lead to many successful ventures in the Amazon region but the most important part is that lives will be changed in a positive way!


One response to “David Quimby | Week 5

  1. Keep using every opportunity possible to gain all you can during this fellowship, David. You’ll be surprised how much information you will gain and be able to use to help re-abolish this slavery.


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