Shane Vermooten | Week 5

It was cold out, when I opened the door of the office and stepped outside I could see my breath break through the freezing air, I pulled a hood over my head and looked down to see the time, it was somewhere between that line of late night and early morning. Any other time I would have started feeling awful by now as the effects of Redbull start wearing off, but this morning I was feeling great and the excitement of what was to come that day literally kept me up the entire night.

Why was I so exited? That night I had met some of the greatest minds of our day, and no I didn’t just bump into these people. Not For Sale had gathered 50 of the most influential people in there network to get together in Montara to collectively design new futures for people living in exploitative situations in a specific area of the Amazon.

The participants had arrived, breakfast had been eaten and Day 2 of the Montara circle was about to begin, although it had already began for the Not For Sale team 2 hours earlier in order to get the venue ready for a day that can only be described as mind blowing. I was giving the task of making sure that we had sufficient video coverage of the event, which doesn’t necessarily sound like a big task but it kept me on my feet the entire day. Through out the day the participants were put into groups of 6 or 7 and given case studies and problems to work on in rounds of 10 minutes each, the energy in the room was great and the ideas were inspiring to say the least. At the end of the day Not For Sale selected an idea that they would execute in the Amazon over the next year, unfortunately I cannot currently tell you what the plan is but keep watching Not For Sale over the next few weeks, because as we always say this will take us to a new level.

The event was a huge success, but as the saying in the entertainment world goes nothing happens by accident, everything comes down to planning, planning and more planning. This event was no different and huge props have to go Keturah and Allison for planning an executing such an incredible event.

Before locking up the office and stepping out into the freezing morning air, Jono, Gabe and I sat back and watched for the final time what we had spent the whole night working on, a recap video for the start of the second day. It was a long night but it would have been longer without my awesome team Jono and Gabe (when he wasn’t sleeping on the couch), the video was also a big hit with the participants so all in all it was a great night and a good result.

Thank you for following my journey.


One response to “Shane Vermooten | Week 5

  1. so good to read this …..glad you got to be a vital part of the history-makers team !

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