David Quimby | Week 6

While growing up, you constantly hear the saying, “Time flies by when you get older”. I never really believed it or truly understood what that meant. In my last few blogs I have talked about making the most out of my time while here with Not For Sale and also learning from my mistakes and pushing forward, and now it is time to push forward (but not fast forward)! Over the last week or so this childhood memory has quickly come to fruition and I have realized that time is moving a lot faster then I really want it to. It seems like every Friday comes out of nowhere and I missed the chance to really accomplish what I wanted during the past week. My goal this week is to get the most out of every minute and learn from those around me! We can so easily get so caught up in the things we are doing, that we forget that we are here to learn from the people we are working with!

Growing up and still today, sports have been a major part of my life. As far back as I can remember I’ve always had some kind of sporting equipment in my hands. This past week I really got the chance to open up and talk about something that I love and got some of the crazy ideas out that I had running through my head. A sense of excitement is definitely going to push me through this upcoming week as I have started to work on the Not For Sale platform called Free2play. The basis for this platform is that every child, women, and man should be free to play and it pushes hard to incorporate sports into the rehabilitation process of those rescued from slavery. How cool is that? I know this is kind of an overused saying but sports can truly be an international language when working with those people that have been rescued! Definitely will be more to come about my experiences this next week with Free2play as I am really just diving in head first and working hard to get involved with it! So many great ideas and programs already in place with it, so hope to get more people pledged to get involved!
We have a crazy month ahead of us!
Next week I am flying to Orlando, FL to run my first Half Marathon and I am truly excited about it. As soon as I get back we have a week long investigator training in San Francisco which is going to be a major highlight of the fellowship and I am really looking forward to it. It will be a great chance to listen and absorb information from those that are experts in our field. The academy will equip us with the skills and tools needed to really help to combat human trafficking in the areas around us! We also have a few speaking engagements and then a 45 minute presentation at a catholic school in the area!


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