Shane Vermooten | Week 6

Week 6 has come and gone, and I am becoming increasingly aware that with every passing day, that everything at Not For Sale changes at least once a week, which is amazing and exciting because without innovation we will never get ahead of this beast which is modern day slavery.

I find myself in a strange position at this very moment because while so much happened this week I sit, or should I say lay, on my bed and stare at an almost blank screen because while this week has been busy and so many exiting things happened, I just cant think of a way to portray this week in words, or at least words that would let you believe me when I tell you what happened, So I wont tell you what happened this week that is taking Not For Sale, not to a new level but literally a new stratosphere, you will have to wait for that news.

I think being in an environment of innovation and constant “brain babies” encourages you to come up and your own ideas, and that is just what happened this week. A while ago when I heard Mark speaking at the media 2.0 breakout session at the global forum I had an idea, which I locked up in the back of my mind. A couple weeks ago I shared this idea with Jono and we started working on a proposal for this new platform, this week we sent the proposal to the executive team, and to my surprise they loved it so much that on Friday we had a pitch (I should really say conversation, with minds that are so forward thinking, and personalities that give off enough energy to power a jumbo jet) for the idea. What is the idea?, a platform which will allow us to pool our media resources, and hold weekly Abolitionists conversations with leading abolitionists, and no matter where you are in the world you can interact with these abolitionists and ask them questions via platforms like twitter and facebook. It was a great conversation and everybody was really exited about the idea, now the work begins and on top of what me and Jono are already doing we are now heading up, I am excited to see where it goes, the possibilities are endless. If you have any ideas or can be of some help in this are be drop me a message, would love to hear from you.

When I was in Thailand at the end of last year I visited kru Nam and her kids for 2 days and documented the work that they are doing, this week I eventually got all the final voices in place and completed the video.

What was very encouraging to me is literally 15 minutes after the video was posted, a pastor from a church in Korea, where Dave just came back from speaking at pledged that on Freedom Sunday they will raise the money to buy all the land for Kru Nam and the village. This really spoke to me about the power of media and how visuals can really bring a story to life and move people to action.

Thank you for continuing to follow my journey along this path of justice.


2 responses to “Shane Vermooten | Week 6

  1. such a good post this week! Excited to see come to life!

  2. I’m so glad you found the courage to share your vision for NotForSale.TV. As I told you when you mentioned it to me, it sounded like a great idea and if you felt strongly about it, inquiring minds would want to know. :=) Great job! I wish you well.


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