David Quimby | Week 7

Week 7
Two months of my life have absolutely flown by and I have gotten so much done in such a little time. It’s easy to think your work is going unnoticed but after doing some research this week for our weekly dashboard I realized that I have an important part in getting the message out about our SAM student programs. The views of my posts on SAM’S facebook have gone up over 6,000 for the week. It was also interesting to see how a small idea that a student has had about an upcoming event called the “slavery still exists campaign”. With the help of our SAM page promotion and their own hard work, this event has went from just over 30 people attending to now well over 1,700 people scheduled to take part in a simple act of smart activism. This simple event, if worked properly can have a major impact in increasing people’s knowledge on the subject. How easy is it? Check it out HERE. All you do is change your facebook photo to a picture of you holding a sign that says – Slavery Still Exists -. By putting this photo up, it will generate opportunities to talk to people about the subject because they will ask about it.
People keep asking what’s the point? Will it really make a difference? Before I started at Not For Sale, I might have been as skeptical. But with a movement like the anti-human trafficking, it’s all about having the right people and getting the message out there. All it may take to reach a “tipping point” is a person with the right resources or right contacts. If we can just get people to ask the simple question of “what does your sign mean?”, then we may be able to recruit just the right person to join alongside of us. So to truly answer the question, it could possibly make a major difference. This simple campaign could change the world– do you want to miss it?
This week I am spending time in beautiful Orlando, FL to run a half marathon. With the right amount of hard work and determination, I will be able to accomplish one of the major goals in life. Our lives are way too short to sit around and dream about what we want to accomplish! Get out and step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, try something daring, work to finish something you never thought you could! Until next week, I love you Mom and Dad, and the rest of my family! Thank you everyone for making this opportunity possible and supporting me through everything!
If you would like to continue supporting me through this journey you can visit:
To help me out financially please visit: https://nfs.webconnex.com/davidquimby
Thanks again,
David Michael Quimby


3 responses to “David Quimby | Week 7

  1. The event link just takes me to the facebook “home”. I can’t figure out where to go.
    BTW, enjoying the journey all three of you are taking! :0)

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