Shane Vermooten | Week 7

Monday was a public holiday, and the weather was nice outside. Instead of being outside the entire day, I was house bound to finish reading one of the books which we have to read as part of the fellowship programme. The Book was the Irresistible Revolution, and to be honest I was kind of irritated that I was inside for yet another day on the weekend. But as I started reading further and getting deeper into the book, I was so thankful that I was at the house reading and that this book was one of the “prescribed readers” of the fellowship, otherwise to be honest I probably would not have read this book. Besides the fact that the font was really big and the chapters rather short, the story was riveting and it asked questions that should be questions asked of yourself and others every day, but yet funnily enough these questions are not spoken about often. The book asked question about what if Jesus actually meant what he said, when he spoke about the poor, the oppressed, the needy and it wasn’t all a fancy metaphor for something else, what would that mean for how we live our lives today?

This really got me thinking because back in South Africa it is nearly impossible not to see poverty it is all around you and a constant reminder of the imbalances in society, and although it doesn’t always translate into action it should act as some sort of reminder that these are the people we need to be helping and giving hope to, back home I loved speaking to these people and discovering there stories. After reading the book I really started to ask myself if I have become to comfortable in Half Moon Bay after just 2 months, where the poverty isn’t blatantly in your face or its even non existent? But like a friend mentioned in conversation there are many people who will go to a poor African country and hold an aids baby for a couple days and then go back home and think they have made a difference, but for me its not about “holding the baby” its about remembering where I come from and the many needs that there are, and asking myself the hard questions what skills have I been giving that can help these people, or what skills am I learning while at Not For Sale that will benefit my people. There is an African word, “Ubuntu” and there is no real word like this in the English language but roughly translated it means, “I am what I am because of who we all are” and all of a sudden this changes things, I cant just live my life, and you live yours and the poor man his and the Hollywood film producer his, I am what I am because of that poor man on the street and because of the film producer and because of you. It’s a crazy concept to think of but I think what it does is prevent us from saying, “Oh those people on the other side of the world, shame that must be awful” and should change us to say, “How can I help my neighbor, my friend, my brother out of this situation.”

And as we stand next to our newfound brother we can say, “We will live real good, and get beat up real bad. We will dance until they kill us, and then we’ll dance some more”

As always thanks for the prayers and support on my journey, I could not be doing this without you.


2 responses to “Shane Vermooten | Week 7

  1. Great article! I really enjoyed reading it. I’m one of your fans…..Greetings to the NFS gang. Blessings,

  2. So true, Shane! I’m right there with ya. The western mind-set is very self-absorbed. Irresistable Revolution gave me a new kick in the pants too to remember what helping my neighbors truly means and acting on it.

    Keep up the great work, Shane!

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