David Quimby | Week 8

We are officially 1/3 of the way through our 6 month fellowship. To say I have learned a lot would be an understatement and it has been amazing to look back on the last two months to see what all we have accomplished. We as humans have the ability, with the right mindset, to achieve some amazing things. Working for Not For Sale has been the opportunity of a lifetime and definitely an amazing learning experience. The main goal of the fellowship is to “recruit and prepare dedicated individuals to become leaders in the modern day abolitionist movement”. We are challenged day in and day out to make the most out of our time here and challenged to have ruthless execution in the things that we do. Not For Sale isn’t an organization that is willing to settle for being average. The effort and product that we put out every day has to be of the utmost quality and we are expected to put our full effort into everything.

Along with our work with Not For Sale, we are being challenged to work on our core beliefs and strengths. The topic that we went over last week was the difference between humility and Pride. To be an effective leader you must be able to listen to those around you without putting yourself ahead of them. We must learn to walk a very fine line between being prideful and humble in the work that we do. Although sometimes it feels good to get that praise for the great work you did, you can’t let it affect your performance when you don’t get it. At times our best work will go unrecognized and we need to be just as proud of that work.

I recently got back in from a week trip to Orlando, FL and my home in Manteno, IL. While in Orlando, I took part in the national princess ½ marathon with one of my good friends from school. She needed someone to run it with her and I had always wanted to run one. In fact, I had always said that running a marathon was on my list of things to do before I die. To be completely honest, I really didn’t train for it at all and really don’t know how I survived it lol. But there are a few things I learned about myself during those 2 or three days that I was down there. The body and mind can do great things when pushed to the brink. If you are willing to push through the pain, you can do things you never thought possible. The second thing I learned is that seeing 17,000 other individuals running for the same cause is a great way to stay motivated. To know that every person running around you is aiming for the same goal was a big push to help me make it through the ½ marathon. If you look at this from another perspective, the same thing can be said for anything that we do. If we can find enough support and get enough people around us, we can accomplish anything.

It was amazing to get to see my family for the first time in months and to spend some quality time with some of my friends. I was able to keep everything secret and surprised both of my parents at work. Within 5 minutes of showing up their work, I pretty much had my whole time there booked with plans. I love my family! Also, wanted to send out a shout out to my sister Steph, She just gave birth to an amazing baby boy! Luke Michael Kumor! Now I am back at my desk here in Half Moon Bay and refreshed and ready to go for the next round of fighting human trafficking! Thanks everyone for the support!



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