Shane Vermooten | Week 8

Wow, we have completed 8 weeks, as I have said before is kind of a uninteresting way to start a blog, but after 2 months of working to free modern day slaves in a creative, innovative and inspiring way with a group of people that are not only motivated but hugely fun to be around what can else can say but WOW. Sometimes when I think back only 2 months it seems like it has just flown by but at the same time feels like I have been here for ages, the other day I was trying to think back to January 10th when I left Cape Town and I can barely remember a single detail.

This week Jono, Gabe, Don and myself went bowling at the local bowling ally, which was awesome because they have a special on Tuesdays night after 9 which lets you bowl for $2 a game so needles to say we spent a couple hours bowling and had such a good time. I also got to do a bit of teaching on the camera with Mark, as he is in Uganda this week and needed some lessons on how to use the camera, and after seeing his footage today, I was stoked with how it came out.

On Thursday afternoon I left Half Moon Bay and headed to LA with Don for the weekend. Don was coming to LA to visit some friends and I was hoping to make it up to LA to visit my brother who is currently doing a DTS with YWAM LA. The drive up was really beautiful at parts and me and Don had great conversations, which I really enjoyed. Today I went along with my brother and some of his friends down to the beach for the morning and then in the afternoon played a game of soccer, it was great to get outdoors and do some exercise again.

This upcoming weekend is Freedom Sunday, and some very exciting things are happening for Not For Sale and potentially for me that weekend, but will keep you up to date with that. I look forward to hearing your stories of how your community celebrates freedom Sunday. Watch the video I put together this week on how Third day is celebrating freedom Sunday.

Thanks as always for continuing to support me both financially and prayerfully.


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