David Quimby | Week 11

Just about half way through the fellowship! Wow, where time has gone! We have gotten so much done in that time and it’s crazy to think back on events from the first weeks here. They seem like forever ago because we have had so much happen. It is getting interesting around Not For Sale.. there is a sort of anticipation building behind everyone and you can feel it when you come into the office every day. It feels like we are getting really close to that tipping point that we read about earlier in the fellowship. Getting to the point where just the right people join the movement, just the right time, just the right media avenues. With so much effort being put in in the last few years, we are getting the right players in the game. Human trafficking has a big opponent coming up in its rear view mirror.

Not For Sale has been working closely with CNNi and it’s exciting to see the efforts of everyone around me being shown through that. Check out the CNN Freedom project online! It has been amazing to watch as the message is finally getting put out there. Human trafficking can’t hide anymore. Keep an eye on that site as you will be seeing Not For Sale platforms being pushed out through their media sources!
We are currently getting ready to roll out the Free2work application on the Droid platform (Monday) and there has been a big push around the office to help with that. Having a Droid phone, I was allowed a sneak peak before the public gets to try it! It’s an amazing tool to help you shop smart!

This week, I have particularly had the opportunity to focus in on the (SAM) Student Abolitionist Movement. Due to the program being new within the last year, there were some things that needed a little bit of fine-tuning. We want to effectively communicate and work with all of the clubs that we have a relationship with and this will help with that process. Though tedious, the end result is already starting to prove worth it. What a reach the SAM has with clubs from United States, Canada, and Europe! This week we had a little fun with the program and created a video for a current Web Blog and Video that I am rolling out for SAM. Although, I don’t expect to win any awards or Oscars.. I would say it’s pretty good for a first timer!
Check it out HERE


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