Shane Vermooten | Week 11

“Lights, Camera, Action!” Those 3 words have captured the imagination of viewers since the beginning of film and this week we at Not For Sale had all 3 of those, but we definitely were not making a film. We were shooting a couple of conversations with the senior management and co-founders of Not For Sale on our humble beginnings, our platforms, and at times our seemingly crazy methods. We were shooting at an infinity screen studio in South San Fran and had a great day with many laughs. There was an outside producer who organized the whole thing and directed the shoot. I was just tasked with shooting the behind the scenes of the day which will be finished this week, so keep an eye open for that. The new Not For Sale website was launched recently if you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading this right now and go check it out its awesome, part of the new site is a new staff bio page, and on Monday I had to take a new photo of each staff member holding some sort of item which defined their position. It was a very fun exercise and I had many laughs throughout the day as people always look funny when taking photos and that’s why I prefer to stay behind the camera.

At the same time as taking these photos on Monday and Tuesday it was the staff summit, which is always an encouraging and fun time to have the staff from all around the country together to plot the way forward. On Thursday I finally managed to finish the fellowship video. This video has been in the video line of priorities but due to the fast and constantly changing nature of things at Not For Sale it kept getting pushed down the list as something else would come up, it was a relief to finally get the video done as, our poor boss Keturah was starting to lose her hair over the video getting finished. This week we are going to start picking up the pace on planning for the platform, which as it continues to grow, change and morph it becomes more exciting, I am very excited about this platform and the potential it has.

Thank you very much for following my journey.


2 responses to “Shane Vermooten | Week 11

  1. I want to take your training… send me what I need…

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